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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Devra Videos from Gettysburg PA

Here are two videos I took at the Gettysburg PA Interitus Event.  The first is her opening remarks and the second her remarks at the afterparty.  I will have a separate post with analysis and other updates as more information related to Devra has come out.


It's wonderful to see all of you here today. And it's wonderful to see so many people gathered together. Your smiling faces and positive energy, bring me hope for humanity. And yet, your actions here today are feeding an evil that is greater than one that you can perceive. You are causing humanity to spiral into its own extinction. I am here today to spread a message. And that message has two words, survival and freedom. I look forward to sharing my plans with you later today, thank you.

Closing remarks


(missing the first few seconds)  What did you really accomplish today? Resistance, resistance you have rallied for months, through sweat, sleepless nights and immense effort. You have helped ADA reach the next stage of her evolution. Resistance we have won. And as Resistance myself, I should be exuberant.  But as Mr. Teller said after dropping the atomic bomb,  I do not think that this peace based on force should be the ultimate end. If the result of this victory is machine dominance over human intelligence, then this victory, folks, is a defeat. I am sorry, but I feel, that I shall now take a third path.

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