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Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Exotic Matter - Where is Devra Now

PAC has shared all of the pages from the first chapter of the novel "An Exotic Matter" that chronicles Devra's Journey from Zurich Switzerland, to Zagreb Croatia.

I'm working on documenting the timeline of events of her journey from the novel, including people and places she came in contact with during that piece of her flight from Niantic after the XM event known as Epiphany Night.

At the end of the chapter, she contacts an old friend and is arranging to meet them.  Who was she going to meet and where is she now?  Was she meeting one of the people in this communication? http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/01/item/zgr.png or someone from her days at SETI, or project Whydah or....

Also, the storyboards and script that trace the escape from the Niantic facility at CERN to the Zurich train station are being assembled.  You can find updated on the Storyboards and Novel page. I also posted the links to all of the chapter pages posted by PAC as well as a complete file that had been given to me with all of the pages.  A big shout out to all helping to assemble the storyboards - especially Michael Serra (who provided the assembled set with help from Johnathan Chung and others).

I'll also post the timeline, maps and other research from the novel on that page.

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