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Saturday, January 19, 2013

People and Relationships

Working on trying to track the relationships and people that have crossed paths with Devra (especially important if she is gathering chess pieces).  I am working on a visual graphic organizer.

This is a general image.

You can access the full picture here - https://bubbl.us/?h=3fc75/26d9fc/26uHkvn50.6Nc

very interesting the people who have come into Devra's sphere.... and so many more connections...


  1. The chart is great.

    The guy to talk to about this is Edgar Allen Wright. I'm not sure what went on between them, but I'm suspecting it was some kind of a student/mentor relationship which may have had other aspects to it. I think that is during some period they spent at UCLA, though I don't know whether she was a student there. I do believe he was associated with UCLA at one time, though he has a checkered history (It's not libelous to say that, is it? He more or less admits to it).

    Its it hard to tell how much he knows. Just about the time I think he's a whack, he releases information that is very pertinent. I'm now beginning to think that he knows more than he's telling.

  2. I would love to find out more and willing to talk to anyone!