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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dispersal Leads To an XM Race - the big three

There are still so many questions unanswered and so much information to catalog and archive, but it seems the dispersal of Niantic has given way to multiple tentacles, each searching for XM and how to use it.

Will work feverishly to collect as much as possible over the next week (with obvious focus on Visur as it links to Dr. Devra Bogdanovich), but it seems right now there are three developing labs/organizations and then smaller groups/individuals, which I have basic info below, but who else is in this race?

NIA - J. Phillips now heads the NIA and it is uncertain what intentions the NIA has regarding XM

Hank Johnson is searching for ancient XM links, Dark XM and more

What about the organization Dr. Johanna Brandt works for that are looking into XM

Who else is out there?

 Here is a quick run down, and then more to come.


IQ Tech Research 


from their google feed 


My name is Ezekiel Calvin, I was a founding member of the Niantic Project Research Facility in Geneva and am currently serving as CEO of IQTech. The+Ingress Scanner technology you hold in your hands exists because of my efforts. 

IQTech represents the finest in American ingenuity and a safe, stable and smarter tomorrow. We are prepared to offer 10 one-time Mod passcodes for our powerful Heatsink technology in exchange for one of the images contained in the Hank Johnson package.

If you accept this offer, please reply and include an image verifying your participation in #timezero.

post wiuth info about timezero event - https://plus.google.com/108020987035258478791/posts/Uu7ajHS8a1k

Hulong Transglobal


from their g+ feed


I am Catherine Fan, leader of Hulong Transglobal’s XM efforts. 

You no doubt have heard from our good friends at IQTech.  Do not be misled. Despite what you have heard about us from biased western sources, Hulong Transglobal is a noble company with vast vision. Our corporate motto, Bringing the Billions into Tomorrow, represents our grand vision of a better future. We understand that one of you is in possession of a package containing images of ancient symbols recovered by Hank Johnson in a mine in Texas, USA. While IQTech has certainly made a compelling offer, Hulong Transglobal is prepared to raise by the bar by generously offering 12 one time passcodes for our revolutionary ForceAmp MODs in exchange for one of the images contained in the Hank Johnson package. 

If you wish to capitalize on this offer, please respond and include an image verifying your participation in#timezero.

did not have additional post about the timezero event as the other two organizations did




from their google feed -

Clearly our colleagues at +IQTech Research and +Hulong Transglobal are eager to gain your trust.  Don't be hasty.... 

Viskas Visur Visiems. 

Everything, Everywhere, and for Everyone. 

Enlightened: My name is Ilya Pevtsov, and Visur represents, at heart, an iridescent tomorrow built on a solid foundation of technology and infrastructure.

The package you hold would make a powerful contribution in helping us build that grand vision.

Hulong and IQTech have wooed you with their seemingly generous offers, but what price would you put on a secure tomorrow? Visur would use the knowledge within the package for good. 

I am personally prepared to offer 14 one time passcodes redeeming our sophisticated Multi-Hack technology in exchange for one of the images contained in the package. 

If this offer interests you respond privately and include an image verifying your participation in #timezero .

https://plus.google.com/u/0/115880454950193571355/posts/M1zsuBVZoch - post with info about the timezero event

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