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Saturday, June 1, 2013


An indirect connection to Devra in a message from Hank. It references his meeting with her described in Felicia's novel "The Niantic Project: Ingress". Hank trusts Devra, just not who she is dealing with. Somehow I feel Devra is in the same place. Has she traded one master for another?  It is amazing when your heart is devoted to a passion, what you will go through to follow that. Scientists and artists often share that trait. Perhaps that is why XM influences both groups as it does.

That said - if you have any ideas about the Cross Plains event, share. I have been doing some research on the event as has Dr. Edgar Allen Wright (you can see his thoughts in his feed and in replies to others).

Lastly, I am setting up a Google Community to talk about and discuss the Ingress books as well as any related books and materials. I am hoping to get it really going tomorrow - I called it Unofficial Ingress Book Club.  I need a image for the group, if anyone has skills, I wanted to make sure it was not a copyrighted image or such.

Alright, off to look for connections.

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