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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quiet does not always mean nothing is happening

I've not posted awhile as things have been piling up, life has kept me swamped and since the release of "The Niantic Project: Ingress" (TNP:I) direct Dr. Bogdanovich references have not been released.  This weekend I will be posting up a review of chapter 1 of TNP:I and thoughts and links and so on. I'll have a separate post for each chapter.

For today - I want to revist a document that may mention Dr. Bogdanovich in a round-about way, and also post a profile that was released on the Investigation Board today about the group Visur.

slight possible spoiler for TNP:I

If you have not read TNP:I you may wonder why I am mentioned these, but if you have, you know now Visur and events in TNP:I are intertwined.

First up is this communication -  http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/06/item/visur.png

At the time we wondered who the reference was provided by. Based on events in the novel, I would suggest that is Dr. Bogdanovich and this message is what set up the meeting you read about in the book.

Second is a profile of Visur from Global Data Analysis (I really want to know how they get their info and who is running there show). But this does reveal a few pieces not mentioned in the novel and perhaps supports some of the items in the novel - http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/06/item/visurprofile.png

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