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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Publish date for An Exotic Matter pushed back

Well, the publish date for "An Exotic Matter" has been pushed back to mid May, not sure why. But to tide us over, two items were released.

One was a preview of some art being published in the book done by none other than our missing artist Tycho


and second, a book trailer has been released.

And thanks to Johnathan Chung via g+ - some of the scenes from the trailer have been identified - what do these locations mean? How do they tie in? And Hugo Neves and others have found some interesting images sprinkled in (check the equations on the floor in the one scene)

List from J. Chung

there are also photos of real life locations:
• Lake Constance viewed from Birnau, Germany
• Zagreb Central Station
• Skocjan Caves
• Trevi Fountain in Rome (different view seen in Nomad opening video)
• An aerial view of what I think is the Grand Canal in Venice (a location also seen in the Nomad video)
• A maglev bullet train at Pudong International Airport station in Shanghai, China
• Port of Shanghai (the busiest container shipping port in the world)
• A place I can't identify. Looks like a tram/trolly or transportation center. A sign has a word that makes it look like its in Europe. (Probably one of the places Devra already visited.)
• Yu Garden in Shanghai

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