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Friday, May 10, 2013

ADA wants in

Well it seems IQ Tech has been busy and recorded a chat between Devra and ADA - said chat raises lots and lots of questions - at least for me. I'll copy a few I have, there are some great discussions going on through g+

It does make me wonder more about ADA, I really would love to know what makes her tick, what she is feeling and thinking and of course, plotting and playing....

Comment 1

"Even if you go naked..."  you know ADA I do like your developing sense of humor :) 

as to timing of this convo, well ADA only mentions Christie, and we know Devra had contacted others, so perhaps this communication came between those?  Although, do we know who the dangerous Ilya is (or is this a piece the upcoming novel may fill in)?  And hmmm it seems a certain person is not in good graces...

what exactly did you do +Edgar Allan Wright 

and lastly... why does ADA want in so "badly"...

As to IQTech +Andrew Bone they are high on my list of want to know more. I am slowly working on that wiki page of organizations as a way to help me review everything on certain topics, IQTech one of them  (with that, was IQTech link to Hank the first time they were mentioned on the Investigation board???)

If they have not already been asked, maybe at the next +Thomas Greanias  Q&A IQTech could be brought up and see if additional info is known....

Comment 2

I am not sure ADA wants to work for or with Devra, she wants "in" this could mean more to be considered a confidant of Devra's, to be trusted, to perhaps have a person to actually talk to...

Timing I am still curious about as well, We know Devra had contacted others - but ADA does not mention them here, could be a timing clue or just how the conversation flowed.

I do not recall an Ilya either... BUT we have had a few last names with no first names (I believe 855 had mentioned a Milan person who he suspected she was going to see, perhaps that is Ilya, which is she is going to visit this person, why would ADA label them as dangerous???  Very very excited about the upcoming novel now....

I know over the last few months, +Hubert Farlowe periodically checks in and sometimes hints that things happened, but he and others (like the nice Doctor Lady ;)  are ok.... which I am holding you to +Hubert Farlowe ;)

and yes +Lukas Lentz I am beginning to think there is something more... and have you noticed we have not heard from him in a bit

(PS - Dr. Wright might be Paul, but she seemed so excited to call Paul and share the dialtone finding, which ADA cut right off, but would she have gone from being to enthusiastic to the obvious distaste, perhaps disgust, possibly indicated in that chat (I wish i could have heard her voice to see if it was dripping with loathing ;)

Comment 3

ADA goes on about how she can monitor everything and so on, well, does ADA know she is being recorded by IQ Tech? And that answer of course begs two very important follow up questions

1. If yes, why does she allow the recording and then chats to leak out (does she consider IQ Tech inconsequential, which can be a person's undoing, or does she want the chats leaked and finds IQ is as convenient way as any)

2. If no, um maybe we should be worried not just about ADA but about IQ Tech.... (or if ADA is going to be an issue, maybe IQ Tech will be a secret weapon, savior)

Why do I get the feeling there are backdoors to people's backdoors to people's backdoors in this digital world.....

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