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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Exotic Matter Cover Contest and Dr. Bogdanovich campus lectures

Just a few things as we await more news on the Devra front (which may come May 7, the publication date  of Felicia Hajra-Lee's "An Exotic Matter" or perhaps there will ne something before).

First - here is the Niantic Project link to the g+ post and cover contest - note the sample covers that were submitted. How do the images in the samples relate to Devra (if they even do)?

Second - I seem to have missed this Devra reference - but as I was working on another project - I found this image...  Does anyone know anything about this? I believe it is associated with the campus agents campaign Klue was running - http://www.ingress.com/campus


UPDATE April 30, 2013
Thanks to info from Johnathan Chung and others on G+ it seems this flyer maybe a resistance made flyer as opposed to a direct connection to Dr. Bogdanovich, See here for more info - https://plus.google.com/u/0/107413132040825163748/posts/Z4iLffZR9MY

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