This blog collects all of my research on Dr. Devra Bogdanovich as well as becoming a way to tell her story. You can check the What is this page for an overview of the project, or browse through the Bio and Career pages to learn about Dr. Bogdanovich's work and life. The main part of the blog will serve as a journal of my journey to document my research and to pay homage to a distinguished scientist.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Updating the site Information

Nothing too new to report - working on updating the pages and information - also working on updating the XM Study prezi (http://prezi.com/4et9gnm1rk3y/what-is-xm/) and the Devra Connections Gliffy Venn Diagram (http://www.gliffy.com/go/publish/4308763/)

Some interesting thoughts being discussed about Shapers, XM, Dr. Kureze and more...  it is like the eye in a hurricane. We had the storm events of yesterday, and now it is the quiet calm until the next side of the storm....

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