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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Everything is Changing - what comes next

So it seems the memo released on the 1st may indeed be no "joke". So the next thoughts turn towards, what is coming.  Will it become a race to use and develop XM? Will there be government factions, military, private research, businesses...  Are we going to see not a third faction, but MULTIPLE factions - as we track the different projects/labs that may evolve from Niantic.

And if so, what of the resistance and the enlightened? Is that going to take backseat to the race to harness XM?

So - who will file the first patent :P  Hmm, I would love to hold the patent on XM (somehow the days of Edison vs Tesla swim in my mind).

And as another fun thought - who might go where?  Aligning with Devra, who from the Niantic Labs would you like to see working for her once again? Of course this time she is not a figure head, but the one truly running the show.

What other entities might arise?

Or, are the "Shapers? not too happy with a change in how things have been done through the centuries and such and will begin to extinguish or shape these upstarts?

Soooooo many possibilities?

So - start with the group here - http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/05/item/EverythingChanged.jpg - where do you think they will go next?

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