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Saturday, April 6, 2013

There's Something About ADA

Wellll, it seems ADA is making more links than a L8 team creating a farm ;)

A couple of interesting chats have come out, ADA seems to making deals and setting things in motion.

This one on April 5 is a discussion between ADA and Misty - notice who the chat is from (helllo IQTech)


It seems ADA is putting together a nice little diversion in Misty. But are there deeper reasons in her coordinating this performance? Also, ADA recognizes Phillips is quite the adversary - I wonder if she she sees him as one of the people sitting across from her at her "chess board".

Then on April 6 we have another IQTech recorded chat - http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/05/item/toughplace.jpg

This one with Bowles shows ADA can be very manipulative and knows how to push some buttons.  She also is really taking off the "kid gloves"  Also as a side note, it is the closest thing to confirmation by ADA of her hand in helping Devra, again how much, is another topic for discussion another time.

ADA mentions/relates what Philips does to "Art" - wouldn't it be interesting if Philips had been shaped and his creative art was in how he arranged his assassinations?

So now, the questions about ADA pile up and as dispersal and shut down of Niantic continue, what will ADA do?

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