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Monday, October 7, 2013

More on Devra's past and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe who is he and where will he go

A post from Dr. Edgar Wright suggested to review what had been revealed regarding Devra and her past relationships.  I realize a better timeline can be generated and will be working on that over the upcoming holiday to try and update and improve the timeline (as that is one of the goals of this blog and research).

Post - " Like all whose lives have touched Devras, I am extremely concerned for her now. I am quite sure that nefarious forces are following up on a brief reference she made to having been at Arecibo and meeting Hank Johnson twenty years ago.  Stupid me, I had not put together that Johnson was the young Grad Student she met there who was studying certain ancient sites in the area.  Now, things are much clearer.  I now understand Dr. School's anger at the time.  Devra was young and confused.  If then grad student Johnson was doing what I think he was doing, I hope for her own sake that she is aware of the dangers that stalk her now. 

As for me, my research is showing a subtle 'change in things' coming. But I can say no more for now.


Also - an interesting post from Dr Wright about secret language of myths (does anyone have any info on this topic, I have been searching but not finding anything).


Yesterday a communication between Calvin and Lorazon and a profile on Oliver Lynton-Wolfe done by Hulong TransGlobal show how important yet dangerous OLW is to the XM race.

I wonder sometimes if the doctor is simply misunderstood or is completely unbalanced. Devra did share sata and research with him, so there is still potential for Oliver to end up in Visur's employ. But I wonder, does her really work for anyone?

Here is the g+ post. And the document is below.

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