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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ingress: Level 8 by Felicia Hajra-Lee

Another book from author Felicia Hajra-Lee is available in Google Play. This is the same set of papers that were released during the October 26 #13Magnus event.

Devra is mentioned in terms of Visur's part in the mission to CERN to retrieve the last scientists associated with the Niantic Project. We find Illya hired a personal bodyguard for Devra, Claudia.  We also have a few insights via's Hurbert's perspective of how Devra has changed:

From the novel - "
In his long talks with Devra after becoming part of her research at Visur, they had opened up to each other about how their encounters with XM had changed their reality.
Devra told Farlowe how she would, on occasion, have a sense of impending harm, which would then inevitably turn out to be true.  This manifested itself in the way time would bend for her.  That is, her perception of time included the details she needed to put together a threat assessment, and then act on it.  A blink of an eye might be hours of imagery to process and consider, yet it would happen.      
What bothered Devra about this was she couldn’t control it.  Which was also what irritated Farlowe about his XM infusion.  That time had become unpredictable.  That the metronome of life could be slowed down, or sped up, or stopped altogether.  And that Farlowe couldn’t remember it happening.  Or the pace of the rhythm it had been beating to before what Devra termed “an episode”.  

We also find ADA, at this point, is still able to contact Devra, but has had gaps in speaking to Devra.

From the novel - "“Hello, Devra.  It has been twenty-six days and twelve point three hours since we last communicated.”

Hopefully more of Devra's journey will be seen, either through pages from Ms. Hajra-Lee or other sources. Perhaps even from the Doctor herself.


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