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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Devra and Calvin Alliance?

A document leaked records a conversation between Calvin and Devra.

Could they be going into an alliance? To me, it seems lately there is no alliances, simply people work together on different pieces when it is needed.

I wonder what research methods Devra will use and if she happens to know Serina (a person known to Hank and Thomas Greanias).

I do wish we could find more of Devra's work, or be able to speak to her more, or just to try and understand why her stance changed so much from her earlier views.

And last, but not least, the Bowie Papers once again are a topic of interest. Just how did that piece of history and those portal/glyphs/ancient XM tie into the larger line.... are they a piece of 13Magnus, something larger, something smaller????


COMM STREAM EXTRACTS // Surveillance Targets: IQTech Research  Internal Network

CALVIN: Thank you for taking the call, Devra.
DEVRA: Make it worth fly my time, Calvin.
CALVIN: Look. I'll be honest. I've heard worse ideas than your global vaccine. I certainly think we should have those capabilities. Nobody knows where this war, if we can even call it that, will go. If we can't control the signal, we should be able to turn it off. Everywhere.
DEVRA: Glad to hear you're supportive.
CALVIN: I could help you get where you're going. Devra.
DEVRA: Are you trying to recruit no again, Calvin?
CALVIN: Maybe- Think about it. But I actually have another problem- Have you heard anything from Hank?
DEVRA: Radio Silence. You buying the story he's off shooting Nomad,
CALVIN: Oddly enough. yes. But Hank never does anything without good reason. He believes that the history of 13MAGNUS is the key to all of this. The show is a cover. He's after something major. I just don't know what it is yet.
DEVRA: Typical Hank. Shards are flying around the world. a global Dark XM pandemic is imminent, and he's digging around in the past. He's not willing to admit the threat that XM poses to all of us.
CALVIN: Unfortunately, he has a funny habit of being right about that stuff. The Peshawar Anomaly started all of this.
DEVRA:  What's he going to start this time?
CALVIN: Don't know. I think I've got a pretty good track on him. One thing doesn't make sense though. He seems obsessed with something he's calling the Bowie papers.
DEVRA: They were lost at the Alamo. Supposedly penned by Jim Bowle. Hank thinks he stumbled onto some XM sites in Texas.
CALVIN: Is there a tie to Rome? Something's connected. The Anomaly there is going to be massive. DEVRA: The Church. There were missionaries at the Alamo. I'll do some checking. The papers could have ended up in the Vatican library.
CALVIN: Glad to be working with you again.
DEVRA: This changes nothing between us' Calvin.

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