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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Choose - Choices

Dr. Bogdanovich has come to a point. A choice. But even now, is it still truly her choice?  And there is more on the projects that may have ties to the world of XM through dark matter.



Security Clearance: TOP SECRET
Item Description: Wide Network Surveillance
Point of Origin: Unknown
Time of Origin: 21:36:32 UTC
Surveillance Subjects:  Pevtsov. Ilya (Visur Technology) Dr. Bogdanovich. Devra 

00:00:00 DEVRA You knew about the base in Buenos Aires. 
00:00:06 ILYA Good to hear from you. Devra. You've been out of contact. And what was this I heard on the video about you leaving Visur? I don't remember receiving a formal letter of resignation. 
00:00:18 DEVRA You should have told me that the Wunderwaffe group was manufacturing Dark XM.
00:00:23 ILYA I couldn't have told you. All I knew was that there was an operation at the end of the war code named Jormungandr. Beyond that. I knew nothing. I think it is pretty clear that his information came from Susanna Moyer. What have you heard from Mr. Nagassa. lately? 
00:00:39 DEVRA Nothing. 
00:00:41 ILYA Yuri's father was doing a lot more down there than star-gazing. Devra. you will be a lot more successful allied with Visur than against us. 
00:00:50 DEVRA Depends on how you define success. 
00:00:53 ILYA I offer you. one time only, full reinstatement at Visur and I agree to let you direct all research. 
00:00:59 DEVRA Let me think about it. 
00:01:03 ILYA You have one minute. Friend and ally, or enemy? 

RPT: FU8Z page 1 of 1 

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