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Monday, December 23, 2013

Where is Devra? And hoping all is well

Have not heard from Devra for some time now. With the conclusion of the 13Magnus event, focus has been more on Roland Jarvis, Susanna Moyer, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe, and ADA (Klue).

I am working on updating and gathering all information linked to Dr. Bogdanovich.  I will be updating the information in the Niantic Wiki first - http://niantic.schlarp.com/investigation:characters:devra_bogdanovich and then will tidy up the pages here.

I am also working on the ADA page - http://niantic.schlarp.com/investigation:characters:ada as it seems she may influence more and more the upcoming events.

Also the 13Magnus page - http://niantic.schlarp.com/investigation:characters:thirteen_magnus and Hank Johnson's page - http://niantic.schlarp.com/investigation:characters:henry_johnson may offer information.

Lastly, the page for Dr. Edgar Allan Wright - http://niantic.schlarp.com/investigation:characters:edgar_allan_wright

I will continue to collect and archive information linked to Dr. Bogdanovich as well as hoping she is alright. Her silence following the ultimatum from Ilya has me worried. Godspeed Dr. Bogdanovich, where ever you are right now.

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