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Friday, February 21, 2014

Calvin and Devra chat - Unnatural

This document was released yesterday detailing a recent conversation between Dr. Calvin and Devra - https://plus.google.com/+NianticProject/posts/KAbvVtSjhvA

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe left this comment on the post

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe
(feb 19) 12:36 PM
I find it quite heartening and a bit amusing that the unenlightened are utterly unaware of my activities.  

Devra referenced the release of this document here - https://plus.google.com/102598577258553073047/posts/V95g1FQgh6c

Shared publicly  -  Feb 19 12:28 PM
I will never confirm nor deny the veracity of yesterday's release from Hulong which concerned a private conversation between Zeke Calvin and myself.  However, I do protest the posting of such things without verification.  Private conversations should remain private.

On a lighter note, I have heard rumors that Tycho is releasing another comic.  It is fun to see the events of your life illustrated, despite the fact that those were very hard days.  Of course, as much of what is in Tycho's comic relates to classified material, I have to be careful about what I say.

The conversation brings up a number of points to think about

1. Devra is very much alive and has been working, as Oliver Lynton-Wolfe alluded to in his post, on her vaccine.  I am hoping the fact that she is still working on it, means she is testing it through proper scientific methods and is following those beliefs she displayed at the beginning of the Niantic Project. She admits she is not sure, and adds a little more to why.  She also leaves the door open, "It's the best option I see" - so perhaps instead of calling this plan fool-hardy it is better to see to what she considers a vaccine an option and providing a valid alternative that accomplishes the same effect (don;t just call her dumb or stupid, provide a viable alternative to the solution she seeks)

2. Devra reached out to Calvin (I am guessing based on how the chat begins) - so I wonder, why? Is she trying to find an ally? 

3. Why did Calvin say it depends on whether Jarvis trusts him?  What an odd phrase.  Although I did mention in a comment to OLW that he has BIT every single hand he tried to work with and what will be different about Jarvis

4. I had thought perhaps Loeb and/or Bowles could be behind the glyph game and other changes.  We've not heard much from Bowles since the revelation in +Felicia Hajra-Lee about 855 wanting him to find a way against ADA. What ever came of that?  And what about OMnivore, is it still out there and cranking away? Is it moving towards ADA status as well?

5. +H. Richard Loeb in hiding, I still wonder if that was Loeb's distorted voice talking to Moyer and he and she have been working together. Maybe what she does not want us to find out is that she is +Verity Seke :)

6. CLONING - I was waiting for the ethics of immortality and Patterning to make it to the table. I think this deserves a separate post and reply.

7. We see it was Devra that brought in the term simulacrums - any comment on this +Edgar Allan Wright - is this why in your post you said you are not a simulacrum - did you mean you are not an XM pattern restored?  What is the official definition in this case of an XM simulacrum (yes, I happen to like to know word definitions ;) 

8. Devra's last words are important to me too - it shows hope that she is not mass blanketing, but she is taking one potential and developing a counter to it. If there are issues with XM - it is nice to have options - I think ANY agent here agrees options rather than something forced are what we all care about.  And yes, some could argue she is using an old definition of natural and we are evolving into needing new definitions (again me with the definitions LOL - but, that is the way science progresses - through definition - just like language and how word meanings evolve over time

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