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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Unusual Post - Is Devra ok?

Devra posted an atypical post on Feb. 22 - there were a few statements that seemed out of character, was this an accidental post, or is something wrong with Devra and this is an attempt to communicate that danger?


An important note, it raises the potential that the phone Ben jackland had was not the phone referenced in Felicia Hajra-Lee's novel.

But what does she mean admit if there is a problem.


Devra Bogdanovich

Shared publicly  -  Feb 22, 2014
+Lukas Lentz Obviously, we all remember things differently. My recollections differ from both Tycho and +Felicia Hajra-Lee , but bear in mind, my perspective was different. I saw the world through my eyes.  They see the world through theirs.  +Yik Sheng Lee there are those who would attempt to blame me for the scanner leak, but I believe that it was somebody disguised to look like me. It happened in the Summer before Epiphany night with a fairly primitive version of the scanner that ended up in +ben jackland's hands. I don't know what Bowles' role in this was, if any. It is very hard to investigate something when you can not admit that there is a problem.

OMG.  It looks like there's more from Andrew Onymous on +Niantic Project .

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