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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Calvin 855 and Saving Devra

So much is going on - so this is just a little snippet, but in rereading  "The Niantic Project: Ingress" there is the point where Calvin and NI are in the conference room - SPOILERS AHEAD

Page 83 - Calvin pulled a package from his briefcase and dropped it on the table with a dull thunk. ... It was a tight bundle wrapped in duct tape. Her gun. The gun the assassin had wrapped while she stared out the window at Shanghai.

So Calvin was connected to 855 (855  meets Ni in Shanghai and takes her gun and duct tape wraps it). I wonder if he might have been the one to call 855 off rather than ADA in the cave, thus saving Devra.

Depending on how connected Calvin is/was to 855, makes me wonder about who was calling all the shots with 855... what is Calvin's endgame?

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