This blog collects all of my research on Dr. Devra Bogdanovich as well as becoming a way to tell her story. You can check the What is this page for an overview of the project, or browse through the Bio and Career pages to learn about Dr. Bogdanovich's work and life. The main part of the blog will serve as a journal of my journey to document my research and to pay homage to a distinguished scientist.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Many Faces of Devra

As we are in a Recursion period :) and new Tycho comics are leaking out, I thought a little quick look at the changing faces of Devra Bogdanovoich might be fun.  What does it mean?  Is Dr. Wright's Gravity of Narrative Theory at play?  Let me know if I am missing other "faces"

First introduction - ID found in Ben Jackland's phone - released November 2012

Tycho Storyboards - December 2012


Omnivore Database - December 2012

tycho comics (in Felicia's book and Tycho comic issues 1-2) - May - August 2013


Cassandra NYC Event August 2013

13Magnus L.A. event October 2013


13Magnus Atlanta event November 2013


Ingress Report year 1 Review - Dec. 2013

Tycho Comic Re-release - February 2014

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