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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Devra Shards

It has been confirmed that Devra is somehow in the portals; there are 31 shards and two targets.  Here is a recreation made by an agent followed by the formal announcement (transcript below).  What does this mean for Devra?

Lorazon: Give me what we have.
Analyst: at 18:01 UTC 31 XM Shards manifested across the globe. Each Shard seems to contain part of a Pattern that matches our records for Dr. Devra Bogdanovich.
L: She's in the portals...
A: Yes, it seems that way. The Shards are energizing in a manner that suggests they will jump with in the Portal Network every 6 hours. We expect we;ll see the first jump at midnight UTC. Then 6AM UTC and so on.
L: Is that a constant?
A: For now. In the past we've seen movement frequency change as the Shards gain momentum through their lifespans. We might see something similar with these.
L: Do we know their lifespans?
A: Data's still coming in, but so far everything points to the Shonin Anomaly on March 28th.
L: Makes sense. The Shards travel on Portal Links?
A: There's a possibility they will move without one if they stay too lon in one place, but usually they travel along a connected Link as long as the Portals are both L7 or higher. In the past we've also seen Shards and Artifacts within the network self-correct if tampered with. I expect these ones will display a similar  resilience.
L: Targets?
A: So far the Targets seem to be static and we expect they'll stay that way.  It seems likely that the Shards arriving at the Targets will lock into place and become stable there. We see a Target in D.C. at the Washington Monument and one in Rotterdam near the Erasmus Bridge. Resistance and Enlightened respectively.
L: Important moments from her past. With Calvin before Niantic began and with Hank Johnson after Niantic fell apart.
A: Yes, sir. We thought the same thing. Calvin' Resistance and Hank's Enlightened. She must have left a Pattern at the Portals there.
L: Will control of these Shards have an impact on the Shonin Anomalies?
A: A significant one. Exact data is unclear but we strongly suspect that capturing the 31 XM Shards will be critical, possibly equal or even greater value than all the Shonin Anomalies combined.
L: And Devra's on the line?
A: Devra's on the line, sir. And this just might be the beginning of something bigger.
L: I know. Keep me updated.

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