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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Devra Status, what is coming next

I have been silent awhile because of the events that affected Dr. Devra Bogdanovich recently and the uncertainty surrounding those events.

When Azmati interfered with the Shonin Stone Ceremony at the Afghanistan 13Magnus nest, it triggered a number of events, including the "disappearance" of Devra Bogdanovich as well as others (so far Calvin Ezekiel, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, Martin Schubert, Yuri Nagassa and Stein Lightman are missing and Misty Hannah, Enoch Dalby are unknown).

31 shards appeared in the portal network seeming to represent Devra. The goal was to reunite the shards at one of two targets. Only 13 shards made it to targets. In the Ingress Report Shonin Finale (around the 12 minute mark) Susanah Moyer talks about Devra and the shards.

The final results brought about the release of a series of videos via the portals.  They are related to Devra.  Essex and other agents are working on deciphering what they mean and what they reveal about Devra. I am collecting the results in the wiki at this page.

Dr. Paul School, a former colleague of Devra's, directed a post to Hank Johnson that he had received contact from Devra. Hank discussed Paul in this post and shared this, "He played me some disrupted recordings of what certainly sounded like Devra. I heard the words 'becoming manifest,' but most of it I couldn't make out." . Nothing more has been heard since that last post.

A new event has begun, Persepolis. Shards representing Stein Lightman have been predicted.

I will continue to post updates regarding Devra.  Also, I would like to do a review series of Devra's work and what we have learned over the last two and a half years, if anyone is interested in helping, please let me know.

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