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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Third Anniversary - Where is Devra Bogdanovich

It comes to the third anniversary of when the Ingress/NIantic Project scanner went into larger release. It has been an incredible three years.  At this point, the location and fate of Devra is unknown.

After her sharding, her shards were partially assembled, the Resistance gathering the largest number of pieces. The question of her being a simulacrum is current being explored. If she did die, when and where is her body?

She appeared to Hank a few times and he was going to hunt for Significant Portals attached to her, Paul School and perhaps other individuals, but not in a solid form. What might she be now?

The last mention at this point of Devra was by Paul School of a dream or perhaps contact from Devra.

What will the events of Abaddon bring for Devra?

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