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Friday, May 13, 2016

Devra in Tainan

I have been quiet for a bit.  Some of this was due to the fact Devra was not heard from and has been very quiet.  Well, it seems the silence is broken.  Devra will be at the #AegisNova Tainan event on May 28, 2016

And I echo Dr. Wright's question, posed here, of what this means and what she might be doing.  I hope all is well and will continue to follow this researcher.

From Ingress Link

Our informants tell us that +Devra Bogdanovich will be making her first public appearance at an Anomaly since Interitus at #AegisNova Tainan. Dr. Bogdanovich was responsible for the Portal Virus that increased Portal Decay duing Helios and was one of the many people associated with the Niantic Project who recursed after Abaddon.

Her interest in Aegis Nova may be connected to the XM Drought, which bears some similarities to the effects of her Portal Virus. Perhaps her journey to Tainan will reveal her motives and more information. Devra's dossier card will also be available in Supporter Kits at the Manila anomaly.

To register for Tainan: http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Tainan
To register for Manila: http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Manila

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