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Friday, September 27, 2013

Secret Videotaping of Hank and Devra Meeting and Hank's Follow-up

Devra and Hank Johnson met in New York City, August 24, 2013 as part of operation Cassandra. They had a number of conversations. In addition to the interview done for the Ingress Report 23 (see here for my review of that interview), it seems they had a number of other discussions. What does this mean?

There are a number of questions and the XM community has many thoughts on this revelation (see these topics for some of the conversations - Secret Meeting part 1, Secret Meeting part 2, Secret Meeting part 3  Hank/Devra Followup).

I am working on transcripts for the videos, if anyone knows of a good way to pull a transcript from a video, please contact me. To accurately document this series of events in Dr. Bogdanovich's life requires as many primary sources as possible.

Extended Interview with Ms. Moyer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN6ZQuy2rAg

Secret Taped Meeting

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EMt_4AaMAgY

translated Russian on Video (thanks to the Niantic Wiki (posted by balmoth) and translation from Arseny Krymov )

0:02 “Мы навели прицел” - “We've aimed the scope”. Mind you, “прицел” could mean camera's scope, but it is more commonly used for weapon scope. 
0:06 “Две камеры работают” - “Two cameras are working” 
0:17 “Взять вторую камеру” - “Take the second camera”

  • Hank has known Devra for 20 years
  • Devra has been doing controlled Xm experiments on subjects. Subjects (mostly students and homeless people) are given a disclosure form, they stay in a comfortable room for 24 hours, they are dosed with XM and are observed.

Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ei6TNJarFGY

0:10 “Переходим на фронтальную” - “Moving to the frontal”. 
0:43 “Камера заблокирована” - “Camera blocked”

  •  She started with small does only, but because Ilya is impatient, some had larger doses. 
  • She exchanged this data with Oliver Lynton Wolfe before Cassandra. Devra believes he is the best XM researcher there is. They compared findings. 
  • Hank believes Wolfe is a megalomaniac headed down the same road as Jarvis.
  • Devra mentions XM can be a potentially positive force but there are problems.
  • Mentions Carrier Signal Hypothesis - a hypothesis that something somewhere is communicating
  • Hank states that he believes XM carries messages and that Carrie told him months ago that she can correlate symbols and glyphs to Xm modulations. 
  • Devra replies those symbols can be coordinated to messages.  
  • Hank says he has seen those symbols in a dozen civilizations beginning with his graduate work at Cahokia. then in Taloom (spelling), Afghanistan, Southern Texas. It is a language
  • Devra mentions different subjects react differently to XM exposure

0:32 “Зуммируем” - “We're zooming” 
0:43 “Перейди на фронтальную” - “Move to the frontal” 
0:54 “Можем зуммировать” - “We can zoom” 
1:12 “Отлично, Девра. Так держать” - “Excellent, Devra. Go on”

  • Devra mentions some of the high dose subjects did bad things to themselves and to others
  • Hank replies to that says just like Hollis (add this as speculation and include maybe Hollis was killed by the high dosed XM patient and it was touted as a suicide to coverup the killing.  Also - could Cognidyne mentioned by Hollis be linked to 13Magnus...
  • Hank says the XM response is based on the individual and Devra adds the XM signal changed as well.  She states whatever is out there sending the messages is a group, a "them". 
  • She mentions they may not be sending the messages to us but to each other. Using XM to communicate and that some of the messages are dangerous.
  • Hank believes XM could save us. Devra says it could destroy us. And that we have to turn it off. 

Hank's Followup with Devra

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