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Friday, August 30, 2013

Interview with Devra and Hank by the Ingress Report

Dr. Bogdanovich and Hank Johnson were interviewed by Susanna Moyer for the Ingress Report Episode 23 (starts around 5:45 in the full episode). There is a mention of a full interview with them being available at the Ingress YouTube channel. I have not seen that, but will post links once I find them.

There are a few items of note in this interview - a couple big ones are what is Jarvis and what has Devra seen regarding  glyphs that she keeps referring to?

1. Hank Johnson, "I believe Exotic Matter affects everyone differently. It can have positive effects on many individuals. It can also weaken the minds of some and bring out dangerous and deep rooted flaws."

2. Devra Bogdanovich, "What lives on, I can not fully explain. He seems to have been mirrored in the XM fabric... the thing that attempted to seduce you, to shape you..." - Devra uses the term shaping in a potential negative connotation.

3.  Hank, "He is pure evil, but that does not mean all XM is bad."

4. Susanna asks about glyphs.  Hank, "Glyphs are neither good nor evil. They are the embodiment of a communication with mankind. A dialogue that has been going on for thousands of years. A dialogue between our species and one that has an awful lot to teach us."

5. Susanna, "So glyphs are words?"  Hank, "Glyphs are more than words. They are like a programming language for our minds."  Devra, "And programs can be bad. I've seen what glyphs can do. They can be self destruct codes for people."

6. Susanna asks Hank if glyphs are dangerous.  Hank, "Glyphs have created entire civilizations and yes, glyphs have also destroyed entire civilizations.

7. Susanna, "You're saying the glyphs out there have some self destruct code for civilization (Devra nods her head yes). They can even as we speak be driving the modern world to extinction."  Hank, "Not all XM is bad; not all glyphs are bad. (Devra makes a noise but does not interject). If we work hard, we can understand what they are communicating to us, (Devra again makes protest noises). Glyphs, the knowledge they contain can lead us to a better future (Devra cuts in and the video begins to have static interference).

8. "I've witness the results (regarding XM). I don't know if we can close this Pandora's Box, but we have to try."  then the video cuts out

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