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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cassandra wrap-up and Devra visits NYC and Meets Hank

Dr. Devra Bogdanovich was in New York City yesterday to meet with Hank Johnson as well as observing the New York portion of the Cassandra Anomaly.

It seems they met before the actual event (potentially near the area referenced in this document)

Both Hank and Devra attended the gathering of agents. Devra stayed mainly with resistance agents and was handing out cards and other support to them as Hank watched before going over to speak to enlightened and also handed out support. Susanna Moyer was also there, working to capture the event and I believe she interviewed Dr. Bogdanovich.

During the event, Devra was seen at some of the portals, again giving aid to resistance (and may have had an XM encounter as reports/rumors are coming in that at one of the portals she may have been overwhelmed and fainted/was affected).

There is also another portal/statue where both Hank and Devra crossed paths, the statue seeming to draw Hank.

With the close of the Cassandra event, we have the enlightened taking the event, but also the meeting of resistance and enlightened and in the cryptic words of Hank "We [sic Devra] may be seeing more eye to eye in the future". 

As more about Dr. Bogdanovich’s studies and work and related topics emerges, I’ll update. 

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