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Friday, August 9, 2013

Visur courts Yuri and Calvin and Lynton-Wolfe Conduct more tests

Two documents were shared via the Hulong g+ feed (not sure they have popped up elsewhere yet, curious).

The first is a conversation between Calvin and Lynton-Wolfe about additional portals and unauthorized tests.  The second is a conversation between Ilya and Dr. Schubert (it is in German, translation below, thank you Hugo Neves )

From the Ilya/Scubert conversation:

Fl I LE D: 020th .51 L211.14l.J15.610. 5000055 510.701.181.11 S
Source: Withheld
Surveillance Target: Technologies, draw attention
Present: Pevtsov, llya {CEO)
Dr. Schubert, Martin {former Niantic Researcher)
E-Int Form: Telephone Call Intercept August 03 2013 09:24 UTC

IL YA: Did you have an occasion to look at the offer?
SCHUBERT: Devra has always been a convincing woman.
ILYA: I need an answer soon.
SCHUBERT: Why the rush?
ILYA: We have heard that thousands IQTech vodafone portals in and around
our research sites have arise.
SCHUBERT: Are you worried that they will take away your XM sources?
ILYA: Maybe, but what I know is that we must convince them to
give us access to the portals. I got the resources here in
a laboratory and I need some more help.
SCHUBERT: I'll come back to you soon.
IL YA: I'll double my offer.
SCHUBERT: I see. Give me 24 hours.
ILYA: Not a minute more.

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