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Monday, August 5, 2013

Devra's Letter to the XM Community - transcript

I posted tboth of these when they came out (still not sure how the one letter made its way into the known verse), but I finally got around to creating a transcript of the letters (so they can be searched).  It is below as well as on the wiki.

Devra's Open Letter (wiki link)



An Open Letter from Dr. Devra Bogdanovich

Exotic Matter is a reality. It always has been and it always will be. I have known this longer than just about anyone else. That is why I was selected to lead the Niantic Project.

During my time with the Niantic Project, I realized that while I had been studying extra-dimensional communication, I had only been interested in the process and the content of the exchange between humanity and others. I had not thought about the consequences.

And while I was proud to be part of the seminal discovery of XM and possible encoded communication within the XM signal, over time I became disillusioned with our sponsors. It became clear to me that the NIA and the Niantic Project were merely the tool of the US industrial military complex. They were not seeking a true scientific understanding of the potential of XM. They did not seek a true understanding of the risks or benefits of what some have deemed the 'Shapers' - the unknown and possibly intelligent force behind the XM signals we have detected.

It is also clear that the NIA and companies like IQTech and Hulong want to weaponize XM. They are preparing for war even before we understand what Exotic Matter means or what it's true potential might be. Science is not their goal. Geopolitical advantage, political control, and perhaps even coercion are their goal. I could not be part of that.

(page 2)

Visur and Ilya Pevstov do not want war. While it’s true that XM may pose risks to humans, we don’t know that yet. At Visur, we are committed to answering that question while we investigate potential opportunities.

If XM can be safely harnessed, Visur wants to use XM to drive scientific breakthroughs that will solve humanity's greatest challenges: one in eight people in the world suffer from chronic undernourishment-- we need new super crops to enhance caloric yield. Nearly the same number Lack access to clean water and tens of millions die every year from waterborne disease. Advanced water purification technologies are the answer. We all know the problems of fossil fuels and the rise in CO2 Levels and global warming. Efficient large scale green energy sources are desperately needed.

Visur wants to use XM to tackle these problems and I am proud to be part of that effort. Join us in supporting research into the true potential of Exotic Matter.

Dr. Devra Bogdanovich
July 12th, 2013 


Devra's Time Zero Letter (wiki link)



Resistance Agents.

There's a package being delivered to Carrie Campbell by a courier named AgentBoadicea during the #TimeZero anomaly. She was given the package by Hank Johnson, who is currently in Paris. The package contains findings of great value to XM research from Cross Plains.

Carrie Campbell is a friend of mine and someone for whom I have the greatest respect, but her mental state has shifted to a questionable place since the powecube incident at Epiphany Night.

The contents of that package, symbols Left by the Anazktec people of native America, are of tremendous value to future XM research. Here at Visur we can give them the thoughtful and intensive research that they deserve.

Resistance Agents, you must control the Greenwich XM anomaly. If you do, one of you will be able to gain control of the package.

If it comes into your hands, follow the instructions that come with the package, but make a copy of the contents for me.

I don't want Hank Johnson to know that we have gained access.

The future of XM research may be in your hands...

Dr. Devra Bogdanovich

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