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Monday, August 19, 2013

Devra's Alignment

A lot has been happening in the last few weeks, many items linked directly or indirectly to Devra.  I have been away, but I am back and will start to post the information

At this point no official declaration seems to have been made by Devra, but there has been a number of references and points to what Devra's faction alignment might be.  Here are a few items associated with that subject.

Ingress Report 21 Image

As documented in the Niantic Wiki (thanks Hugo and wiki makers) - an image of Devra was used in the Ingress report that has one eye colored blue and one green, although there are blue and green auras around both her and Hank Johnson (which it seems they will be meeting on the 24th - I will have a detailed research report on that tomorrow).

P.A. Chapeau G+ Question

P.A. posted on August 17th information about a potential meeting occurring as part of the #cassandra series of events. Part of his post included this question: "Today, I want to talk about Hank and Devra meeting in New York. What do you think they are up to? Is this some kind of cross-faction peace talks? A conspiracy against Jarvis? Or against the NIA and Phillips? Does Devra even align herself with any particular faction? Her ideology has always been difficult to pin down,"

The comments were very interesting; many believe Devra aligns with resistance, while others point out she is aligned with Visur, or is a neutral alignment.

Devra's Open Letter to the XM Community

Devra released a letter through her G+ profile on July 14 that described her thoughts regarding XM and research.

Overview of Mods and the Three Corporations

In this document, there is a mention of Visur releasing a mod that Devra had wanted to wait and study the effects further, but understood the need to use it to counter other efforts.

And of course the story by Felicia Hajra-Lee "The Niantic Project: Ingress".

There are other sources, but, for now, there is no specific answer, but, then as we have seen, there is never a final answer, things can always change.

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