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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A vaccine

The following video was leaked yesterday. It is where the clips from last week's Ingress Report Feed came from. It seems a vaccine is available.  But as Hubert Farlowe said here "Look deep to see what's really happening with the Doc." - is there more to this?  Where are you Devra, where are you?

Also - 90


"As I am sure you are aware, there has been a great deal of speculation on my activities at the CDC since a briefing was leaked during 13Magnus. Working with government agencies and private corporations. We are attempting to head off the threat to humanity that XM posed by what we have come to know as exotic matter. We know that exposure to exotic matter, or XM,  can cause physical and mental harm including psychosis of the mind. And in some cases, mutation of human DNA through death and severe tissue denigration. Whatever XM is, whatever it is from, there is one thing that we know for sure, and that is that it is not safe. I, myself, have been exposed and I have seen the effects on others including insanity and disfigurement and death. My team is developing a vaccine against the involuntary and dangerous ingression into the human mind and body by XM. The vaccine renders human physiology immune to the effects of XM. Given the danger posed, it is our plan to distribute this vaccine globally. There will be no opt out mechanism.  Yes, there are side effects. It is true that many of our voluntary test subjects have died during clinical trials. And yet we go on. We can not let the loss of a few lives, or even a few hundred lives deter us from saving billions. We will begin the distribution of the latest revision of this vaccine at sixteen hundred hours today. While participation is strictly voluntary, I urge you all to consider early adoption. The current survival rate is greater than 80% in our tested 90 day period.

Thank you.

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