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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Clinical Trials

In the Ingress Report raw feed leaked today (May 15) there were clips involving Devra Bogdanovich - the transcript is below.  Many questions come with this video, it seems it is only part of a longer video, will we see the rest?  Who is she speaking to?  What is it that she basis the need to continue given the deaths.

She uses the word voluntary and clinical trials, two phrases that at least seem to be divergent from the last that had been heard about pushing a potential vaccine to all.


How will Dr. Bogdanovich be remembered when this is looked back in the scrolls of history?

Science dear doctor, does not always take us to the answers we wish we could find. What answers have you found?

Clip 1

... working with government agencies and private corporations. We are attempting to head of the threat to humanity that XM posed by what we have come to know as exotic matter.

Clip 2

Whatever XM is, whatever it is from, there is one thing we know for sure, and that is that it is not safe. 

Clip 3

Yes, there are side effects. It is true that many of our voluntary test subjects have died during clinical trials. And yet we go on.

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