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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quantum Biology Scenario

A few developments have come out since the CDC video regarding Devra's progress on the vaccine.  I've listed the highlights below.

Also - updated the Hubert Farlowe Journey map - he just keeps going - https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zlX7DUgxbivY.kjZ9iRjX90Sk

On May 25, Hubert posted his location at the CDC and the words "Helping Pack"

Devra also posted the following, if the potential she mentions exists, what implications does that have?

Recently, my internal CDC briefing on the state of the XM inoculation program was leaked to the public via the #IngressReport .

Firstly, there will be severe consequences when the person responsible is discovered, and they will be discovered, prosecuted to the full extent of the law and held in communication quarantine.

Secondly, the clear intention was to elicit irrational fear of the vaccine and obfuscate the threat XM poses to our species.

The threat is real. As I was among the first people exposed to mass doses of Exotic Matter, I can testify to its deleterious effects.  My background in Quantum Biology places me in a unique position to understand the catastrophic and imminent danger posed by exposure to high levels of XM.

As you are aware, multiple agencies and profit-driven corporations (+IQTech Research+Visur Technology and +Hulong Transglobal) are funneling a massive amount of resources towards the weaponization and commercialization of XM and the Ordered Data Patterns it utilizes.

I could imagine a thousand scenarios to describe the threat we face, but I'll present you only one:

Imagine you could write a small program that you could inject directly into a person's brain.
Imagine that you could deliver this program to billions of people without their consent or knowledge.
Imagine then that, at a moments notice, you could activate this program and fundamentally change the nature of a person. You could potentially turn an honest person into a thief, a gentle person into something ferocious, a conservative into a progressive, whatever your program dictates.

Now, imagine you have this power, and you could sell it.

While I will grant that this has not yet happened, let me assure you that our research shows that this is possible.  XM is the key to the human brain. XM is being used by an intelligence of unknown origin to influence human thought.

Whatever you believe of Enlightenment, or perhaps even of the utility of XM as something that could help to evolve our humanity, ask yourself this: Is it worth the risk?

I am working to preserve the sanctity and sanity of our species.

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