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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thomas Greanias Chat July 25 and glyph links

Thomas Greanias often hosts Thursday chats on g+.  Tonight was a good chat about the glyphs and other topics.  I recommend taking a look - here are a few points I picked up (perhaps they will help those working to decipher the glyphs). I am not copying all of the posts here, so you should check out the full conversation  https://plus.google.com/u/0/102489350322422853902/posts/J8HToeeBRZg

A mention was made of somehow contacted Misty, this could be very, very interesting

  • Thomas Greanias  -  10:03 PM Hank has been pretty busy lately, and it's taken me some time to track him down, with some help from Carrie Campbell.
  • Thomas Greanias -  10:04 PM Hank and I had spent some good time together with Conrad Yeats after the events in Africa, reconciling accounts and laying things down for The Alignment Ingress novella.
  • Thomas Greanias - 10:08 PM So it seems Hank kept a key bit of intel from me and Conrad when we published The Alignment Ingress:  Hank actually saw a few Shaper glyphs beneath the Luizi Crater anomaly in the Congo.
  • I asked about Carrie's whereabouts and Thomas answered. - Thomas Greanias - 10:05 PM  - +JoJo Stratton On her way to Operation Minotaur
  • Edgar Allan Wright - 10:05 PM - I have heard rumors that she is drawing again
  • Edgar Allan Wright - 10:06 PM - We need for the codebreakers to crack her journal.  But she is an idiot to look at the glyphs. She is not even paying attention to the advice she gave Hank Johnson.
  • Thomas Greanias - +Edgar Allan Wright Yep.  And she got a few glyphs from Hank.
  • Edgar Allan Wright - 10:10 PM - It seems that the Glyphs compose an entire language. If Lovecrafts theories are correct, there hundreds of Glyphs.
  • Thomas Greanias - 10:10 PM - Hank swears he wasn't holding back intentionally, and that he "remembered" the glyphs only after his meeting with Devra at the end of Felicia's novella The Niantic Project.  That was when he admitted some concerns over Dark XM, which experienced in the Congo with Conrad Yeats.  After that meeting he began to have dreams and "saw" the glyphs he had forgotten.  When he could get a hold of neither Conrad to confirm if he had seen them, too, nor Serena Serghetti, who disappeared at the time for parts unknown, he turned to Carrie Campbell.
  • JoJo Stratton10:12 PM - Wonder what triggered the memory?
  • Thomas Greanias10:15 PM - +JoJo Stratton. Hank says it was talking to Devra.  My SUSPICION is that in simply VOCALIZING what happened with Dark XM that something triggered inside Hank's head.  Almost like speaking the language of Mordor and the ring in Lord of the Rings.
  • Daniel Beaudoin - 10:09 PM - Do you know which glyphs he saw??
  • Thomas Greanias - 10:12 PM - +Daniel Beaudoin Hank drew the glyphs for Carrie, who then told him about the Howard-Lovecraft letters to look for more
  • Edgar Allan Wright10:14 PM - My suspicion is that Hank probably saw Carrie working on Glyph Theory (she is a semioticist) and then saw something in Congo or Meroe that he thought Carrie would be interested in.
  • Edgar Allan Wright10:14 PM - What is of greatest interest to me is the nature of the collaboration between Carrie Campbell and Enoch Dalby.
  • Lukas Lentz 10:13 PM - Is hank having +Hubert Farlowe type mind blanks?
  •  Thomas Greanias 10:16 PM - +Lukas Lentz He doesn't see them as mind blanks, because he doesn't know there are blanks until he "recalls" those pieces later.  If that makes sense to you.
  • Edgar Allan Wright10:16 PM - Has it not occurred to anybody that memory triggers are a key to shaping?
  • Thomas Greanias10:18 PM - +Edgar Allan Wright Yep.  And interesting article today about "inception" science with mice:  scientists are implanting false memories and can't wait to try it on people....
  •  JoJo Stratton10:16 PM - I am interested in how the first pieces came to Misty and which specific ones she saw.  As to Carrie and Dalby, Sound is part of language.... Mike W. has very good theories on that
  • Thomas Greanias10:19 PM - +JoJo Stratton Hank gave misty the first pieces---drawings he showed Carrie from what he saw beneath the Luizi Crater—and they are not public yet.
  • Thomas Greanias10:20 PM - +Daniel Clague And there's a Mother Culture even further back than all of them.  First Time.  Zep Tepi.  
  • Edgar Allan Wright10:20 PM - It is my suspicion that Mr. Greanias let slip something he shouldn't. Though it is not a surprise that an Anomalie would happen in the place that Carrie is drawn to. Begs an interesting question. Do Anomalies draw sensitives or do sensitives draw anomalies.
  • Thomas Greanias10:22 PM - +Edgar Allan Wright Brilliant, actually.  Conrad Yeats maintains the former, as does Hank, I believe, but Serena Serghetti the linguist believes the latter, as does her colleague Carrie Campbell, I believe.  That's because there is power in language.  And the writing of it, as well as the speaking of it, creates an effect.
  • Thomas Greanias10:26 PM - By the way, I'll begin posting Hank's field journal entries in a few days, which will answer a lot of question.  Interestingly, getting back to Wright's question:  writing this down helped ME nail Hank on some issues and clarify his own recollections, too.
  • Edgar Allan Wright10:21 PM - Somebody should make an effort to contact Misty...  I only hope that we will not need a medium to do so.
  • Daniel Clague10:26 PM - Misty may be our only protection from hostile shaper influence until we get these glyphs decoded. So, I think finding her should become a priority
  • Thomas Greanias10:27 PM - +Daniel Clague I haven't seen her since Magic Castle.  Hank saw her beforehand, but not since.  I've heard she's performing again.  The big question is what kind of relationship she has going on with ADA.
  • Edgar Allan Wright10:28 PM - It would be interesting to try and summon Misty in a Hang-Out seance.
  • Edgar Allan Wright10:32 PM - Perhaps +Thomas Greanias would be kind enough to ask +Hank Johnson if he can find out what happened to Misty.
  • Joshua Hardee10:27 PM - All language is a virus. We just don't realize it because it has achieved perfect symbiosis with it's host. These glyphs are merely a new strain of contagion, infecting us all. It will be interesting to see who achieves symbiosis with it, and who does not.
  • Thomas Greanias10:30 PM - +Joshua Hardee Probably one of the more insightful comments I've seen in awhile.
  • Edgar Allan Wright10:31 PM - +Joshua Hardee excellent observation. 
  • Jose Ramirez10:33 PM - +Thomas Greanias Did you notice the way the glyphs were written over a backdrop of outer space and stacked a certain way on the Ingress Report? Any further meaning we can gain from this
  • Thomas Greanias10:35 PM - +Jose Ramirez Good question. Intriguing to consider if there's a completely different or parallel form of syntax—and meaning— we haven't considered.
  • Thomas Greanias10:43 PM - +Mustafa Said Conrad Yeats and Serena Serghetti are in the States completely focused on a find they believe link the U.S. back to ancient Rome, Egypt, Atlantis, Pillars of Creation and first time. 

    (OK, I'm lying.  TODAY she is with the Pope for World Youth Day in Brazil.  But then back to the States.)

    All I can say in terms of linkage what's going on with the glyphs is their discovery of a "solar symbol."  I will be circling back to them and The Alignment Federal City novel  after Hank and I get out The Shaper Symbol-Glyph-Whatever novella in the weeks ahead. 

    Serena thinks my collaboration with Hank and Carrie may end up helping her and Conrad.
  • flint dille10:44 PM - +JoJo Stratton what is Zep Tipi?
  • Thomas Greanias10:45 PM - +flint dille "First Time."  Ancient Egyptian.  The time before Genesis. 
  • Thomas Greanias10:38 PM - I'm curious to know what any of you may have lifted out of the Lovecraft-Howard letters.  Tapping a sentence or two out here in this thread might magically make some glyphs appear....
  • Jose Ramirez10:40 PM1 - +Thomas Greanias I noticed that a few glyphs that Lovecraft jotted out were similar to recently discovered glyphs, just a different script.
  • Thomas Greanias10:44 PM - +Jose Ramirez Me, too.  That's why I'm asking to see if you and anybody else had similar impressions.
  • Kelly Kolton10:43 PM - +Thomas Greanias Howard wrote to Lovecraft: "My sensations while reading this story are rather difficult to describe. The effect of reality was remarkable. Some of the speculations were over my head, at the first reading--not from any lack of clarity, but simply because of their cosmic depth."
  • Thomas Greanias10:47 PM - +Kelly Kolton Which is why the later "recollections" of Hank, Lovecraft, Howard, etc. seem all the more fascinating.  Kind of lack aftershocks.
  • JoJo Stratton10:47 PM - Of note in the one letter - certain men visited HPL - who were these men? And early NIA??? :)
  • Thomas Greanias10:49 PM - +JoJo Stratton Yes.  People really did visit him.  And he didn't know who they were.  My research suggests that the search for XM isn't all that new.  Tesla and Edison were allegedly interested in XM, too, according to one anonymous researcher.
  • Jeff Carter10:48 PM - That miskatonic reference along with WEIRD was a fruitless chase for me too. Miskatonic is a fictional place created by HPL. but they both wrote stories for Weird Tales magazine. The entire Weird Tales collection can be found on a Miskatonic University website
  • Thomas Greanias10:51 PM - +Jeff Carter Weird Tales could have been an anthology of shaper symbols for all we know
  • Thomas Greanias10:52 PM - +Jose Ramirez Yes, simply looking at the glyphs registers through the optical cord to the cerebral cortex and---flash!--into your neurology.
  • flint dille10:53 PM - Check out Lovecraft's 'The Nameless City.'  It hooks into Hank and Conrad's story.  Most stuff about Glyphs is written in 'code' like the Alchemists did.
  • Thomas Greanias10:54 PM -  +flint dille Exactly.  Hank Johnson found the real places after Cross Plains, and there he found the glyphs he took to Carrie Campbell.  That is the gist of the novella we are putting together—what REALLY happened—and the problems Hank and I are facing:  Those glyphs did a number on him, and he is STILL recalling new ones after Cross Plains, much like he did back beneath the Luizi Crater with Conrad Yeats. 
  • flint dille10:55 PM - While we're on the Lovecraft thread. I'm not sure there's anything there, but it seems that Lovecraft ghost wrote some Harry Houdini adventures.  The Seance Room in the Magic Castle where the Misty Event and glyph exchange took place holds many of Houdini's artifacts.
  • Thomas Greanias10:55 PM - And with that we are going to wrap up tonight, agents.  You've given me even deeper motivation to grill Hank as we go over his journal entries to see what he may have "forgotten."  Appreciate your thoughts and supports, as this process of writing, much like The Alignment Ingress, leaves me feeling shaped myself.  A weird tale.

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