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Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's an ill wind that blows nobody good

There are whispers, uneasiness, if it were a weather storm we would say the pressure is dropping... there are some saying that more battles are coming, including one that may influence Devra.

So what are the beating drums saying?

  1. Rumors place Devra perhaps in the EU or even a bit further North/East into Russia (https://plus.google.com/110289508116377658380/posts/LKuwCyZgjGc and https://plus.google.com/110289508116377658380/posts/gWcrdG4yy7G comments by Edgar Allen Wright, Joe Philley and Hubert Farlowe)
  2. More light is shed on why Hubert Farlowe has voiced support for "the good doc" (Devra). Apparently he was the second person at the Zurich hit (https://plus.google.com/110289508116377658380/posts/gWcrdG4yy7G)
  3. Devra may have run into some trouble (comment by Hubert Farlowe - https://plus.google.com/110289508116377658380/posts/gWcrdG4yy7G)
  4. Dr. Edgar Allen Wright has long claimed to know Devra through past work and study. This recent post by Dr. Wright brings up the connection Devra may have had to Edgar - but it does seem a bit odd - copied below in entirety (https://plus.google.com/110289508116377658380/posts/7pcSFT4k584)
Edgar Allan Wright originally shared this post:
I'm thinking that, though we don't get explicit, had a relationship with Dr. Wright while she was a student. It cost him his job and some discipline.  As he became more and more outcast (both for his fanaticism, she tried to separate).  Now he's kind of a stalker, but she realizes that he was kind of right.  And, well, maybe she feels bad about what happened to him.  She may need his help at some point, and should probably mention him in the story.  Gives him cred on Google+.

And lastly, a "think tank" group I am in (waves at my fellow WIN thinkers and speculators), started wondering if another battle for a portal and thus a person might be coming soon, this time linked to Devra.  I made a comment, "And..... I have a thought - what if in a battle for Devra... we left the portal NEUTRAL????  what happens if the portal is neutral????"

A comment was made in reply by a Niantic source that, "I would love that then she would have made her own choice..but what if its in a farm and it was a tie ?"

And that is a question.......  can you change the direction the wind blows?

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