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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NOMAD locations and ADA, are you out there, listening?

Still working on putting together an overview of the location scenes and any notes for the NOMAD video - J. Chung on g+ has done a lot of work on identifying the locations as well as others on g+  -I'll still put things together and post here and then try to get up on the Niantic wiki (if not already there), simply because by putting it together myself, it helps me review :)

Also, while no direct new news on Dr. Bogdanovich, I hope to have more on the VI deaddropday as they did put out there the full set of boards and I plan on having a copy of all of them up, soon (thanks Joe P ;)  and I still am working on trying to collect and organize much of the research on Devra that has been done (by J. Chung, myself and others).

Lastly, ADA...

this was released - http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/03/item/faulle.html it seems ADA is... implementing a new protocol

ADA did seem to understand Devra's desire to leave Niantic and helped her escape.  But, what was the motivation behind that.  What is ADA... "Thinking"??

ADA - if you are monitoring this - what is it you seek? Why did you help Devra? Are you still helping her?  And, what is it you... want?  What do you desire? What do you see as your... future?

--- from the chat

ADA:  I have begun to implement a new protocol based on my observations of the lab decision making processes. I observed that the last time you sought authorization from Washington to address a mission critical problem at the Niantic Facility, 24 hours elapsed before action could be taken.
Sent at 00:21 AM on Sunday
ADA:  You are looking very tired, Director Ni. I have a Secure Memory Purge task queued which will require a reboot, and I will be unavailable for the next 17 minutes and 28 seconds. Please take this opportunity to get some rest.
Ni:  ada
I need to know what happened
ADA:  I will do my best to do so when I complete my reboot. Unfortunately, some data regarding last night's event is in the storage area marked for a Secure Purge. Please excuse me.

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