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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dr. Christie Novosel and the XM Race

Another few pages of chapter two from "An Exotic Matter" was released today (here).  Some interesting developments

1. Devra is still in Zagreb at this point in the story.
2. The friend she called in chapter one is Dr. Christie Novosel and perhaps we can count him as her first contact in her journey to assemble a team.
3. Dr. Novosel is a chemical engineer, one of the best Devra ever worked with.
4. Devra had not contacted Christie for three years, yet he knew she was doing something with CERN
5. Devra mentions that the NIA names their projects after shipwrecks
6. Believes XM has an extra-dimensional component. She first identified it on the subatomic level and now it is "flowing" into our reality. And it can be crafted.
7. She began to compare it to DNA as a building block that can be used to create (what we do not know)
8. Believe the NIA weapon's only affect XM constructs at this time
9. Told Christie she is on the run from the NIA
4. Devra is looking to unlock how to use XM (from page 29) "Christie. I'm going to fight fire with fire.  You know more than anyone else on the planet about converting raw materials into usable forms. And
that’s what I’m going to do with XM.”

Also - I updated the Devra Relationship diagram - I am going to add this to the Relationship page as well as a list that explains why each of those people are on the diagram and in the category and location I placed them.

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