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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Storyboards Together at last

Well, it looks like all of the storyboards have been found (some via Ingress media drops, some via VI deaddrops, some via PAC and other puzzles).

They tell a story within a story within a story :)

Johnathan Chung from g+ (whom I am convinced never sleeps ;)  has collected them from the assorted places and put together an awesome slide show (you can see it here )

and PAC just posted about them - http://www.nianticproject.com/?id=sc306a

Also, I received a package today from an "old friend". In it are 22 pages. Each page has three of the storyboards. The images are a mix of black and white and then some are yellow/pink shaded (reminds me of how some graphic novels are colorized, I am sure there is a term for it) :)  of course it also looks a little like the streaking an inkjet printer makes when it is running out of ink LOL  The images do not have the additional notes some of the boards have, and the text is types, not the boards with the pieces of the script glued/taped on.  As I said, it is a graphic novel feel.

Here is a photo of my favorite pane land then the first page. I'll scan the pages in as soon as I can and then post them up (I am not a code breaker, so if something is hidden, perhaps someone else will find. The only thing I found was the first two pages seemed to be raised, sort of like a notary type stamp, but upon closer inspection, it seems to be the imprint of what might have been a really huge paper clip type thing probably holding the pages together :)   Yes, I see potential codes and hidden info everywhere :P

I wish to thank my old friend, these are so awesome.

And as to the story and journey told, good luck to Devra and may the horrors in these panels reveal the true intentions of many at the NIA and related.

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