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Friday, February 1, 2013

We Travel alone - a dead drop end to a month of journeys

Well, yesterday (or today) the Verum Inveniri sent a message through PAC (http://www.nianticproject.com/?id=sc301a ) and their g+ proclaiming #deaddropday and putting out around the world a number of deaddrops. Each deaddrop contains codes and the storyboards (some old, some new)

The storyboard below was at one of the found drops, it is a defining moment in the storyboard story as it shows the point when Devra and Jarvis part ways, it is one of the three steps Devra makes during the journey to break from anything Niantic (step 1 - fleeing the lab and leaving her position as lead, step 2 - parting ways with Jarvis, step three, dropping her phone and parting ways, at least from what we know, with ADA)

Where is the next stop of her journey?  I hope we find out, and I hope it leads her as much to her dreams and what she has chased as well as what is chasing her (an odd thought there when the dreams you spent your life chasing become the nightmares chasing you - makes for a very strong and interesting character in Dr. Bogdanovich). Devra (and all others as well), you journey on your own, remember there are those who are willing to walk the trail with you.

When all the storyboards are found and released, I will collect them, as so many others have, and make sure her story is published here.

For now - in the end - do we all travel alone?

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