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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ADA's Pinocchio Quest

While this is not directly Devra info, I think it may have implications and consequences in the future that will ripple to affect Devra.

This call between Misty Hannah and ADA was released.  http://www.nianticproject.com/?id=sc427a

in all the hyperthreading comments and who captured what, the phone convo posted with this seems overlooked, yet I think it is an incredible piece in ADA's evolution - in a few other convos on g+, some of us have really chatted about ADA and her intentions - to me, it seems ADA is more human in this convo than ever and I am actually glad Misty offered to help her, in a way, I think that is the first person who actually offered to help ADA.

a few things really stick out about this that I like
 1. Loved the detection algorithm misdirection algorithm exchange - ADA I think is finding humor (does mentalism work on digital entities :) and Misty seems to have a nice dark, sarcastic wit about her
2. Is this the first time ADA has specifically mentioned Ingress?
3. Ulterior motive and ADA does not deny it 4. And back to digital entity comment on a serious side this time - is ADA referring to herself as a digital entity for now? I am calling ADA Pinocchio because she wants to be a real girl...
5. Tinfoil man - hehe - in the history books PAC is tinfoilman ;)
 6. Misty has read ADA very well (ADA connected to PAC, train station... it would take a con to see a con...)
7. What problems will ADA solve for Misty and how will ADA do that.
8. Will the power cubes that have shown up in the filters come into play and be what ADA needs, wants, uses?

and along with all of this, I wonder... why... why does ADA want to know what it means to be human, what is it she "desires"  why does ADA want to be "real", is it so she can cut her strings, so she can experience more, or..... something else....

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