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Sunday, March 10, 2013

IQTech - Company Profile and more about Project Whydah

Not sure if there is any direct connect between a company called IQTech and Dr. Bogdanovich, but it certainly is a good idea to keep tabs on all things that have potential to cross paths (Cogidyne Corp. anyone :)

But here is an overview of the company as posted on the P.A. Chapeau site - http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/04/item/IQTech_profile.jpg

Yesterday, an audio relating to Project Whydah and Misty Hannah was released. It gives a little more not just on Misty, but also the Project.

And as an aside, a few others have mentioned how quiet it has been regarding information about Devra, I know the complex web if Niantic has many threads to follow, and I hope the old adage, "No news is good news" applies here

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