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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just what can XM be used to do

Well, it seems the potential of XM is great. Misty Hannah has been able to hyperthread.... I wonder what uses Devra and her colleagues (and possible secret lab) will find...


Also, another group looking at what powers lie in Xm - http://thomasgreanias.com/?p=1553 - "Publishers Lunch is reporting that a division within Google—Niantic Labs—is readying the first in a potentially extensive line of ebooks and books, in conjunction with author and co-publisher Thomas Greanias and his @lantis Books.  It’s known as the ALIGNMENT series and the first first ebook novella, the 150-page THE ALIGNMENT: INGRESS, is set for publication on April 2 in the Google Play Store, but also on all other major ebook platforms, either simultaneously or shortly thereafter."

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