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Monday, March 18, 2013

Running on XM - exotic matter chapter 3

It seems as Misty Hannah has been "freed" from Niantic, another chapter of Exotic Matter has been "freed" as well. In an odd potentially ironic way, Misty and Devra are both freed from Niantic only to continue to be tied to it... or perhaps more appropriate tied to the bigger picture that links all of these pieces...

A few things pop at me from these first pages:

  1. the mention of the onion router encrytion service - is this perhaps linked to the mention in the Edward Pillar/Devra chat about contact methods used during the DIAMON Project?  Sneaky faculty getting around IT department ;)
  2. The time slips, writer prose or actual time distortions.... if this is Katalena on the computer then is this a time anomaly or something else....????? hmmmm :)
  3. So, did Devra visit P.A. Chapaeu's site.... and if so - would that have been around our time frame of Dec. 3 or 4th, meaning she'd, theoretically, know everything on the site from that point.... WHICH brings up is she still monitoring PAC's site... what did she think about seeing herself wrapped into the site and such... have to check timing but was the script or storyboards released by that date?
  4. Katalena... is this tying into the mention made in PAC's thought of the day (http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/02/TOTD/_02_ttotd_012_158468.html )  of there being more to Katalena annndddd with that - Hubert mentions here (https://plus.google.com/101412482791457669319/posts/Yr6AqbS84nm ) about her having family - wellllll perhaps she did have family or connections, Hubert you may now have a way to make things up to Katalena
  5. There have been mentions that the links and weavings may run deeper than able to see - well, is this like a chess match where the grandmasters plan a buzillion moves ahead, and ADA knew Devra would go to Christie, so ADA used someone tied to Christie in the substitution because ADA knew she'd be able to use that later....

I'll be updating my XM research Prezi (so much has been popping up regarding XM in the last few weeks) and also ramble a bit more about the Misty event and also the small glimpses chapter 3 is giving us - well I will as soon as the real world of work and responsibilities allows me go play some ;)

http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/IB/04/item/AnExoticMatter_Chapter3-1.pdf - Exotic Matter chapter 3

 http://niantic.schlarp.com/investigation:characters:misty_hannah for a great collection of pieces from that "thread" and event

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